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Are your ready for latest from DermTV.com?  Tune in for the newest episodes such as: How to Avoid Problems from New Products, Does Everybody Need to us a Moisturizer and Curing Extreme Underarm Sweating.  Don’t forget that Wednesday marks the second episode of the “Wedding Wednesdays” series, Wedding Skin Care Regimens for 6 to 3 months Prior.

Fall has officially begun.  Are you dying to use the hottest fall nail colors? Before you head in for the mani and pedi read this tip of the week.  Dr. Schultz explains that the paint job may actually irritate more than your nose.

Dr. Schultz’s Tip of the Week: The Most Common Culprit for Irritated Eyelids

One of the most common causes of swollen red eye lids is fresh, wet (not dry) nail polish. So what’s going on here? It has to do with the change in chemical structure that nail polish undergoes as it dries. In the first four to six hours after nail polish is applied (i.e., when it’s still wet but drying), if it touches the eyelids (or area around them), its chemical structure which is highly sensitizing can cause an allergic reaction in some people which results in red, itchy, and swollen eyelids. However, as the nail polish dries, it undergoes a chemical change which makes it water and smudge proof, and also non-allergic. So if you often find yourself with red, swollen, and itchy eyelids, try keeping your hands away from your face for the first four to six hours after you apply nail polish, and you just might find that your problem goes away.



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