Jan Marini – Age Intervention Face Cream

Description: Designed for adult women over the age of 25, Age Intervention Face Cream addresses the appearance of aging skin changes by targeting hormonal levels plus changes associated with cumulative sun exposure. Age Intervention Face Cream revitalizes and restores the appearance of youthful suppleness and elasticity, and boosts your skin’s ability to repair damage.

Targets inflammatory responses that contribute to the appearance of aging skin
Recaptures the skin’s normal hormonal balance
Luxurious emollient consistency Excellent hydration and barrier function

$77 at myjanmarini.com

Ahhh…Jan, how I love you.  You speak to my skin and know what it needs.   I am so nuts about the Jan Marini skincare line and am adding another fave product here in the Age Intervention Face Cream.  I fit the category of “women over the age of 25”  (though barely – I mean I just celebrated my 25th birthday…in 1990..).  Okay, so maybe not so recent, but hey, I’d love it if my skin still looked like it did when I was 25.  Hormones and past sun worshipping have come to pay me back in spades – annoying skin conditions like sag, and discoloration, loss of healthy glow – all those things had begun to stare back at me every time I looked in the mirror.  Since embarking on Jan Marini skincare – I no longer see what appears to be a character out of Dawn of the Dead.  No, I now see healthy skin – it’s got it’s groove back.  It’s less puffy, blotchy, lined, and it’s more even-toned and pliant.  Age Intervention is more than an apt name for this line – it really has turned back time for me and I am thrilled.  I love how soft my skin feels and how gentle the cream is – I like to massage it on in an upward motion – give it a minute to sink in and then look in the mirror.  I am really happy with what I see.  I was a fan of Jan Marini before using this product, and now – after seeing the results – I am an even bigger supporter of her line of products.  They WORK.


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