Procedure Please ~ Dr. Denese’s Guide to Post Summer Glowing Skin


How-to maintain post summer radiance by Anti-aging Expert Dr. Adrienne Denese



  • It is important to get rid of dead skin cells; they are what make your skin look dead and old.  They have a rough texture so they block out skin’s natural radiance and that natural glow
  • If you self tan, you need a freshly exfoliated canvas. Otherwise the self tan will come out to be blotchy. This applies for face and body alike.
  • Many of us use minimal make up in the summer so we can’t hide dull, sallow, tired looking skin anymore.

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  • In the summer it is very important to protect the skin from dehydration which kills skin cells.
  • Air conditioning is one of your skin’s worst enemies. It takes out the humidity in the hair and dries your skin.
  • You must protect your skin from moisture loss which damages skin by moisturizing once a day.

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  • Few of us realize that every real sun tan we get during the summer will translate into several actual permanent lines on our face.
  • Try a non streak self-tanner.
  • Some self tanners are so advanced and so different from all other self tanners on the market that it truly gives you the look of an actual tan.

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  • All dermatologists would agree that the single worst enemy of your skin is the Sun. Nearly everything that you do not like about your skin: lines, wrinkles, age spots, enlarged pores, loss of firmness, red capillaries on your nose and cheek, loss of elasticity, all has to do with cumulative sun exposure.
  • Daily SPF 30 broad spectrum protection is imperative, even if it rains.

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