Pure Skin Formulations ~ Cellular Night Cream with EGF

This luxurious night cream combines soothing herbal extracts & anti-aging peptides with the anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties of Thermal Water. Collected from naturally occurring hot springs in Iceland, this water is rich in minerals & micro-nutrients necessary to nourish and relieve stressed & reactive skin. EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is a naturally occurring molecule in our skin that decrease by as much as 50% with age. EGF triggers a natural, accelerated cellular turnover in aging skin without the unwanted irritation or dryness associated with retinol or alpha-hydroxy acids. This results in a more youthful appearance & improved overall skin tone. This silky cream absorbs easily, yet leaves skin plump & hydrated for hours, while creating the perfect canvas for makeup.

$65.00       Available @ Pure Skin Formulations

Makeup Addict is using Pure Skin Formulations ~ Cellular Night Cream with EGF day and night.  I happened to read that it helps create the perfect canvas for makeup so I want to make sure I do use it before applying the makeup.  Let me say that I would not be using this night — never mind day and night — if it did not work.  So that should give you and idea – it works so well I use it during the day also.  I want to achieve all the benefits I can from this Cream.  It does help nourish the skin and gives it very nice moisture which stays throughout the day or night.  It does puff up the skin, which, in turn, helps to diminish lines and other problems.  My skin does feel very improved since beginning this regime.  It responds very well and I think it is even starting to create some hydration on its own — which is a nice added benefit.  It feels so much better than when I started and is worth spending the time applying it.  It takes no time at all — you just apply and the skin soaks it up and starts looking improved pretty fast. You will see improvement in your skin tone. . . it is more defined and firmer.   I do not need a lot of the cream to do the job and I think this jar is going to last for quite a while — even doing double duty.  I can see the improvements and want to continue to see the improvements.  The price is incredibly reasonable for such a hard working product!!!


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