Comptoir Sud Pacifique Eau de Toilette Spray, Cristal De Musc

Cristal de Musc lingers along your skin with refreshing orange blossom, sweet hibiscus flower and delicate white musk…The ideal combination of airy softness and sensuality, Cristal de Musc is both dreamy and pretty!

Clean, simple and feminine expression
Tropical Garden fragrance family
A bouquet of subtlety and vivacity
An armful of delicate flowers with warm overtones

  • Top notes: Orange Blossom
  • Middle notes: Hibiscus, White Musk
  • Bottom notes: Powered Musk

“Sunlight filtering through white shutters, shivering palms moving in a tropical breeze, delicate lagoons hanging on the ocean, Comptoir Sud Pacifique offers you unique creations inspired by southern seas.”

3.3 fl. oz     $85.00      Available @ Drugstore

Makeup Addict thinks Cristal De Musc is a very intoxicating fragrance.   It surprised me inasmuch as it did not have the familiar Vanilla I have come to expect from Comptoir Sud Pacifique. I have always loved Vanilla but they have taught me just how wonderful it is when combined with so many different scents.  However, Cristal De Musc is different but just as wonderful as the many other fragrances I have fallen in love with from Comptoir Sud Pacifique. It is a soft floral with musk undertones and something I cannot quite identify — perhaps it is the powdered musk.  I just need the usual tiny little spritz to lift my spirits.  I do think of a tropical garden when the actual scent first hits me — it is such a beautiful aroma and the musk does intertwine and I just enjoy it as I wait for it to really settle on me.  It is unusual for me to ‘fall’ for such a floral scent — but it captivated me.  It is another fragrance that you can wear from day into evening and simply refresh before going out later.  It is very feminine, sensual, and soft — it does NOT overpower and it does not let everyone know you are coming. Comptoir Sud Pacifique has just drawn me in with all of their unique and gorgeous fragrances.  I thought it was the Vanilla as those are the ones I am most familiar with — but, no, Cristal De Musc grabbed me with the first whiff — and there is no Vanilla.  Yet, it is definitely a winner!!!!


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