Nina by Nina Ricci Eau de Toilette



Nina Ricci Nina – 2.7oz Eau De Toilette Spray

$72.00 by Nina Ricci at Lord & Taylor

A magical fragrance, a promise of enchantment with a radiant power of seduction. A new enchanted fragrance combining temptation, femininity, and modernity. A fresh, fruity floral sprinkled with a tantalizing accord.

cakedoo1 says.. This is such a pretty feminine scent.  It’s so light and fluffy.  I love it.  I use only 2 spritzes, one on the nape and one on my wrists and upon the first spritz, I detect no alcohol scent whatsoever so there this is concocted of a lot of perfume oil.  I hate spritzing on a fragrance and the initial result is a puff of alcohol that dries out the nostrils then dries down to disperse the actual scent.  Nina is unlike that; upon the first sprtiz the scent of floral and a tiny bite of citrus mixed with the crispness of freshly sliced apple come through.  This delicate scent is perfect for day or night and smells wonderful when caught up in a summer evenings breeze. I find the scent to be very personal and  it changes throughout the day.  Initially the floral with a touch of crisp citrus comes through but by the time lunch rolls around it’s got a wamer scent that has a touch of vanilla mixed that carries the florals through the day.  I can’t get enough of this, I want to re-spritz but I don’t need too.  Seriously 2 spritzes are enough to last through the evening.  I happily re-apply when going out for the evening and it completely reinvigorates the fragrance and again brings out the citrus& apple  again. This is such a pretty floral that I think anyone who likes a bouquet will surely want to scoop this up.  I also have to comment that I love the apple shaped bottle, the forbidden fruit that all want to take a bite of!


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