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Sun Maita’s introduces the Threader, the first all natural in home method of hair removal using twisted threads to lift unwanted hairs directly from the follicle.The ancient art of threading was once considered an exclusive service provided only by master technicians. Now with Threader, you can maintain a smooth and silky appearance by using this revolutionary system of hair removal and skin polishing in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

avail @ Sun Maita for $150.00


I also watch the video on Sun Maita’s site too, check it out here .

cakedoo1 says.. I have had this for just over 3 weeks and at first I needed to give my lip area a week before I had anything to grab. The system is easy to use but it did take me a little getting used to. The kit comes with everything you need and it’s easy to get up any running.  I found that the chalk that comes with it is necessary to use, it also helped me see that there actually was some hair there.  This is also my first attempt at threading.  I have never had it done in a salon so I am from the old school of waxing and a change is long overdue.  It does really easily grip and pull the hairs.  I did notice that upon close inspection, that comes out by tapping over a tissue, some of the hairs clearly have the root attached and others didn’t so some are breaking.. There isn’t really any pain for me,  I did every once in a while pinch my skin by getting the threads too close and oooo it hurt for a moment, then the pain was gone,

I have been using now for a full two weeks and found that over time it gets easier and easier.  I do like to use everyday just to go over the area to keep me in the routine and I always seem to catch some hair.   I really like this and my skin doesn’t even get red, it did for the first couple of days of use but now I am free and clear.  I do use the Feel Less Lotion before and that really does take the edge off of any pulls that hurt then followi up with the Closer Lotion, which,  does, in fact, keep the skin calm and prevent redness for me.  I haven’t even had to change out the threads, when they feel like they are getting loose you can twist them together a couple more times to increase the use before changing them out..

I really enjoy using and I like the way my skin looks too. I don’t get any redness and my skin is very smooth.  I think this is a great alternative to plucking with tweezers and waxing.  I am amazed at the amount of hair that comes out of these 2 threads.   I will continue to use and believe the threader has seriously changed my outlook on hair removal.  It’s so easy, very quick and utterly painless to use!!


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