Just Been Funked – Mini Styler

One of the worlds’ most compact stylers avail @ Just Been Funked for $59.00

Susaroo says… This is the cutest & most hip little styler. It is not a traditional straightener but gives your hair a funky fun look. I have long thick hair that i have to blow out straight every morning. The mini styler is perfect for flipping up the ends, much easier than the bigger straightener that i use. It is also great for when you  wear your hair up. I use it on the strands of hair that fall out and it gives it a punky sort of style. It will be perfect for traveling because it is so compact  and you can even throw it in your purse and bring it to work for touch ups during the day. You wont be disappointed. The iron itself looks like it’s crimped with the zig-zag plate, I have never seen one.. It’s also great for creating volume if you tease your hair it gives your hair something to build on..


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