Review – Carol’s Daughter – Marula Oil (Curl Therapy) Softening Serum

     Carol’s Daughter Marula (Curl Therapy) Softening Serum $18.00 by Carol’s Daughter at Ulta

We love when our curls bounce, shine and flow freely, but they get a bad reputation when they start misbehaving, naturally becoming dry, hard and unmanageable. That’s why you need to take control and train them to spiral into place with this glossy curl enhancer that rejuvenates hair’s natural moisture so any style is easy to perfect. Packed with Marula – a rich oil harvested for 12,000 years in Madagascar that instantly restores and softens your curls – this Softening Serum truly lets curls flow. (2.0 oz.).
Makeup Addict did a very brief review of Carol’s Daughter Marula Oil (Curl Therapy) Softening Serum in the review for the Curl Therapy Collection.  However, this Marula Softening Serum deserves its own review.  The serum has that Carol’s Daughter wonderful fragrance.  Every one of her products that I have tried has such incredibe soft and beautiful fragrances.  They are not exactly the same – but they are all in that same category of soft and gorgeous.  It is a pleasure to use her products and I hate rinsing out the product when I have to.  Okay, so this is a serum based in Marula Oil – do NOT be fooled — it is NOT oily.  After warming the bottle in some warm water I massage it into my hair.  I have used it as a regular conditioner and as a Deep Conditioner – the difference being the length of time I leave it in my hair.  Either was — there is one winner – and that is my hair!!  You think your hair is already soft enough – so did I.  Well, one conditioning session and I could feel the difference – my hair is so, so soft!  Yet, it is NOT too soft to work with.  It gives my hair vibrancy and really shows off my curls in a gentle, natural way rather than the somewhat harsh appearance I used to get.  My hair might show the marks where the curling iron or curler was — now the curls are smooth and soft.  My hair shines like it should — letting everyone know it is healthy and vibrant.  It actually seems to bring out the highlights in my hair that never really glowed before.  All in all, this Marula Softening Serum is now a necessity in my hair arsenal.


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