Review – Eco Me ~ Natural Plant Extracts Dish Soap

                               Eco Me ~ Natural Plant Extracts Dish Soap   $5.99   Available @ Eco Me

Natural sudsing Dish Soap, lemon fresh scent.  Tough on grease, gentle on hands with glycerin and natural plan extracts.

Makeup Addict hates doing dishes.  I do have a dishwasher but most times it sits there waiting to get filled up in order to use it.  I have found that sometimes when I put stuff in there without scraping off some of the mess – it hardens so much that I have to use Soap Pads to get it off as it has been waiting so long to go through the dish washing cycle.  So if something is excessively greasy or dirty with stuff that can harden to concrete strength – I put it in the sink with Dish Soap first.  I have tried many Dish Soaps with various fragrances, etc. – but Eco Me Natural Plant Extracts Dish Soap works the best for me.  First off the fragrance is such a true lemon instead of the usual fake lemony scents.  It is a very fresh fragrance.  Second, my hands feel great when I am finished (I have never been able to do dishes, etc. with rubber gloves).  I feel like “Madge” from the old commercials who soaked her customers hands in dish soap for manicures, but it is so true –Eco Me Dish Soap leaves my hands nice and soft and feeling great.  Okay, so that is not the purpose of Dish Soap – but it is an important consideration!!  I only use a few drops in hot water and let things soak for a short time.  They come out clean – grease is completely dissolved – dirt and grime that usually harden to cement consistency are gone.  Eco Me Dish Soap is definitely worth every penny.  I may stop buying the soap pads as I don’t need them anymore. So, Eco Me Dish Soap cuts through grease dirt and grime – with a wonderful fragrance – and leaves my hands in super condition — it has found a permanent spot near my kitchen sink!!!!!


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