Gotta Check this out! ~ John Sahag Air Power Hair Spray

Experience Spontaneous styling. Shapers make their presence invisible and allow their power to challenge gravity. They liberate hair to be what you want it to be: to strengthen, bend, set, curve, straighten, wave, curl, design, pump, lift, volumize or maximize, enhance curl, eliminate frizz, create volume or keep thick hair under control. Ready for any bit of styling challenge, Shapers keep hair ruly, retain natural mobility and minimize any cardboard-like, flaky or sticky effect. Now you can amplify and accent wisps, bangs, fringes and layers with phantom, invisible power. Be your own engineer of covert creativity!

Air Lift
Spray for Volumizing All Types of Hair
An innovative volumizing spray that pumps hair up into unimaginable heights. The non-sticky, vitamin-enriched formula effectively strengthens and thickens hair without ever weighing it down. To achieve height at the crown, apply to the roots of damp, almost dry hair. Then blow dry or style as desired. The result: long-lasting thickness, without fear of frizzy limp locks.  More Information @
Sahag   Or   Amazon

I happened upon an article about John Sahag and his amazing Hair Products and then it seemed I started seeing his name in many places — all with good reports!!  Definitely sounds worth checking out!!!!!


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