Review – Farmhouse Fresh ~ Wine Down Overnight Super Antioxidant Recovery Serum

Wine Down Overnight Super Antioxidant Recovery Serum $55

Get ready to wine down! This powerfood serum was developed to deliver such a wealth of vitamins and antioxidants, we just had to prove it. We had it clinically tested, to establish its antioxidant load compared to a leading department store moisturizer. Wine Down is a dream! Showing 5.8 times more antioxidant capacity – that’s 5.8 times the hero worker bees that help reduce environmental and oxidative stresses to your skin, so healthy cells can grow and reproduce more quickly. When used at night, Wine Down’s ingredients go to work as you sleep. Look bright eyed and bushy tailed after just 2 hours with a compound created from vegetables and unripened fruit that’s clinically proven to reduce the look of pores up to 61%, and to provide 24 hours hydration in 1 use, reducing the look of fine lines. We also added a clinically tested peptide shown to significantly reduce the look of dark under eye circles.

Miss Style Apothecary says.. What I want to start out and say is… I HAD NO IDEA HOW AMAZING Farmhouse Fresh is.. I didn’t know the scope of their product line and am loving their Wine Down.. It is simply AMAZING.. A bottle of 1984 Opus in a facial serum. It is decadent, rich and penetrating.. My skin loves this serum.. I apply in the evening to freshly cleansed skin. One pump is enough for my face, I apply a moisturizer or sleep mask over.. Applying the moisturizer really locks in the serum and allows it to do it’s job so much better (at least my skin thinks so).. The serum is thin and running as you can see, you can’t wait to apply. It actually has a wine like scent to it also.. I have never encountered in a skincare. It is light scent and it isn’t perfumy either. It completely dissipates once applied so there is nothing lingering if you are sensitive to scent. It is gentle too, no adverse reactions. My skin feels and look supple and smooth. I have been using for a few weeks and know I want MORE, I will be using until the bottle is completely EMPTY.. I love the results. I have a new sense of smoothness and a visible clarity. It’s been a serious boost to my complexion. It feels great and every morning I wake up knowing that my skin is being cared for.. I love it’s rich antioxidant power! I also want to mention the price, this really feels so amazing that is seems like it would be considerably higher prices, I am amazing at what you get for $55.. Well beyond worth it.


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