Review – Oscar Blandi ~ Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray

                   Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Invisible Spray
$11.00 by Oscar Blandi at Sephora

What it is: A dry shampoo spray to instantly boost volume. What it is formulated to do: This must-have dry shampoo absorbs excess oil and product build-up without stripping the hair. The formula sprays clear, making it undetectable in any color hair, cleanses without water, and instantly boosts volume.


METSV says:   Here’s another product I’ve been using for a while and was happy to see in my Beauty Booty Stash!   Dry Shampoo has saved me from having to shampoo every day.   They have progressed leaps and abounds above the Dry Shampoos of years ago where you might as well have just thrown baby powder in your hair and called it a day.   Oscar Blandi’s line of dry shampoos not only smells great but they really do the job of giving my hair body and texture on days two AND three of shampooing.  I wouldn’t dare go more than three, but this is from a gal who wouldn’t go more than ONE day until I discovered these shampoos.   I flip my head over and spray and then just tousle with my fingers, then take a blow dryer to my hair and re-flip my head over and heat my hair for a couple of seconds… boom!  Texture, body and no weighed down hair.   I actually have this in travel-size as well and it’s already packed and heading out west with me over the holidays.   Everyone should own at least one can of Dry Shampoo and with Oscar Blandi’s selection, you’re pretty much getting cream of the crop!


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