Review – Shiseido ~ Lacquer Rouge (Lip Lacquer)

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge $25.00 by Shiseido at Macy’s

Inspired by Japanese Laquerware, one coat provides intense color and deep luster. This rich liquid lipstick leaves lips as smooth as lacquer. Applicator fits closely against the lips for a comfortable, even application that does not bleed. Lacquer Rouge improves dry, rough or peeling lips with continued use, leaving them smooth and deeply moisturized. Contains Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE.

Miss Style Apothecary says, getting a creamy lippie is a must for my lips.. It is winter here and it is so dry that I can’t really use anything but creamy products.. Shiseido’s Lacquer Rouge glides on and feels like a cross between a balm and a creamy gloss but is deeply pigmented and lasts.. I find that as I wear it, that is settles in and becomes less glossy feeling but still coats my lips and makes them feel comfortable and plump.. I have this in RD 728 Viola, I describe it as a nude plum taupish tone.. It is NUDE but better, I am wearing it but no liner in the photo, it does a pretty good job of staying put, I find that I need to go in and clean up the corners from time to time they can wear a bit..The nice thing is the shine that I get, it is light catching and completes my look, going from super casual to polished and casual. I love it and find it so comfortable, great feel, love the color and like the shine..

METSV says:  This is one of those products where once you try it, you go back and see what other colors you can buy it in…..which is basically exactly what I did once I wore BonBon (Pk 425) for a couple of days.  BonBon is a bright pink, but not so neon that you need sunglasses…it’s kind of like a grown-up bubble gum pink and it just lights up your face.  This is a lipstick with something extra… it’s not as matte as a lippie, but not as glossy and goopy as a gloss…it’s a lovely inbetween lip product that not only hydrates my lips, but rocks the color for quite a long time…Super easy, no-fail application with the doe-foot applicator too.   Somehow this lip lacquer does not dry out my lips in this awful dry and cold weather.   I do prefer to “pre-treat” my lips with a balm – but I do that with any lippie I’m wearing…my lips are just THAT dry, and this lipstick sort of locks in the moisture and doesn’t cake up or crack.   I am already coveting other shades of this lip lacquer because it’s exactly what I’m looking for in a lip product.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my glosses…but when I’m looking for more of a classic and sophisticated look…I think I’ve found my holy grail!  Yay, Shiseido!  


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