Living Proof – Leave In Conditioner

Leave-In Conditioner
What it is:
A revolutionary hydrating treatment featuring the first new antifrizz technology in over 30 years.

What it does:
This intensively moisturizing formula restores dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair while effectively blocking humidity for truly frizz-free locks. Its key ingredient, PolyfluoroEster, creates an invisible shield on the hair to lock in moisture-proof smoothness and repel dirt and oil, so you can go longer between washes to break the frizz and damage cycle.

What else you need to know:
Developed to revitalize the driest of strands, sulfate- and silicone-free No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner works best in conjunction with No Frizz Shampoo and stylers. For optimal results, treat your hair to the complete regimen—the longer you use the system, the more resistant the hair is to frizz-causing humidity.   Living Proof $24 at Sephora

METSV says:  This is just another in a long line of outstanding hair care products from Living Proof.  This Leave In Conditioner is everything you want in a conditioner and nothing you don’t want – it’s not heavy, doesn’t weigh the hair down or make it feel coated, doesn’t disrupt your hair styling regimen…etc.  What it does do is add just a perfect amount of body, shine, and makes my chemically treated and oft times dry doo behave like magic. When concentrated on the ends of my hair, this conditioner almost instantly repairs any fly-aways or damaged ends making my hair look healthy and shiny.   It has FINALLY gotten hot here, (and I have promised not to complain as we had such a terrible start of summer), but with that heat comes the humidity and with humidity comes frizz and nastiness.   Enter Living Proof – like their blurb above says, it’s like the conditioner acts as a hair-shield and protects it from all the wrongness that heat and humidity can do to it.  It’s amazing.  Living Proof is generating such good buzz for a reason – it’s a revolutionary kind of haircare, ready to take the world by storm and ready to take care of your hair.   You will love the results you get from this Leave In.  I can not wait to try more from this great line.




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