Review – Toss the Gloss ~ From the ULTIMATE Beauty Industry Insider….Andrea Q. Robinson

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METSV says:  So you usually don’t see us reviewing books here, but since this guide has all to do with skincare, makeup, and haircare, we’re happy to give it a shout out. Andrea Robinson talks to you as if you’re her buddy having drinks at lunch, breaking makeup and skincare routines down in each chapter, giving us some industry scoop, and dispelling some myths and notions along the way while giving women who have reached the rockin’ age of 50 some awesome and simple how to’s, what to try, what to toss, and what to keep.   Some of the mega lines that the author made huge (can you say ULTIMA Nakeds? Yup, that was her.) with her innovation, attitude, and creativity just make you trust her words all the more.  This woman knows of what she speaks… I was pretty proud of myself for already owning many of her makeup and skincare recommendations (and some I did not, but already have made a list of “to try”). She is not like other authors who basically tell you that this or that line is crap and to only use this or that….she just gives sound advice and lists products that are both higher end and some that are right in your neighborhood drug store.  Then she takes it one step further and illustrates how to use the products so we look our very best…from head to toe! This is a great book for even those of us who haven’t quite reached the magical five-o….there are some beautiful and simple routines and some really effective products out there that you don’t have to break the bank on….let Andrea Robinson help you with this wonderful guide.  Great read. 


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