Review – Heaven + Urth ~ Beelieve Hydration Balm

Beelieve Hydration Balm $39.00 2oz avail from Heaven + Urth

A deep hydration treatment balm
that quenches severely dry,  dehydrated skin.
Non Comedogenic (does not clog pores).
Use all over the body.
Ingredients –

Miss Style Apothecary says.. I am a BEELIEVER!! This is amazing and I am not going to lie.. This balm is just what my skin has ordered.. It is so rich & thick, my skin soaks it up.. So when your Beelieve Hydration Balm arrives it is packed in the lovely burlap bag, comes with the dispensing spoon and had all the information you need to make you a Beeliever too.. It has a light fresh citrus scent that has a teeny bit of zest. This is my go any where, use for anything balm.. I am talking it can go on my tootsies and under my eyes it is completely versatile and I haven’t had a single reaction, no clogged pores, no oily skin.. This is my skin’s best friend!! My call to order goes as follows, there is nothing that makes my feet more soft and smooth.. When I have the time, I will soak, slough and file then slather on my Beelieve, I don’t need a lot then put on some soft comfy soaks.. In a few hours, my feet feel amazing, they are hydrated, the cuticles around my nails are soft and look healthy.. My heels look like I just paid for a pedicure and the hydration lasts.. I feel it for a couple of days.. So don’t have to keep delivering the moisture this balm is long term.. I use it at night too.. I put on my favorite serums and creams then put a light coat over my face and I swear this seals everything but doesn’t clog my skin then I follow up with a tad on my lips to.. My skin sings Beelieve’s praises every morning.. This is a product that everyone NEEDS to have in their arsenal!

MUST HAVE! This balm instantly soothes my parched skin, once I place in my paws it starts to warm up, feels amazing.. A nice spa like treatment just for ME!! 


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