Review ~ Lolita Lempicka ~ L L’amie Eau de Toilette

L L’AIME Eau de Toilette by Lolita Lempicka
The Ultimate Love Story continues…Closer to the skin… Closer to the Heart.This new white floral scent expresses the state of being in love.
A Radiant White Floral ELLE L’AIME is reinvented in a new fruity, fresh and musky Eau de Toilette.

Top: crisp, sharp redcurrant

Heart: radiant jasmine nestled within a bouquet of wild roses

Base: the intimate sensuality of musks and white woods

Miss Style Apothecary says.. If you are looking for a feminine pretty perfume, look no further.. This is just lovely. It completely reminds me of a soft light scent that only the truly feminine encompass. It is femininity in a bottle.. I think it can be worn by all and will add a level of softness to any wearer.. It’s got that full bodied scent of roses & jasmine mixed with a light musk that just epitomizes a girly girl.. For me it captures innocence. I feel differently when I wear this scent too. I wear it when I want that extra touch of femininity and the additional layer of a floral bouquet. Now I know the notes descibe as crisp and sharp but I don’t really get that, there is a slight touch, in my opinion ever so light citrus scent.. I would describe it is a pouf of citrus in the initial spritz then it disappears.. It could possibly be my sniffer and what I pick up too, it is much more of a springy floral bouquet.

I spritz my skin twice once on my wrists that I rub together and bring up to my nape then a second spritz that I kind of spray in front to me and walk into. It’s all that I need.. The scent is light but it lasts the duration of my day. It carries into the night.. I only refresh if I am heading out for the evening and i don’t need a full spritz either.. On my skin it remains floral backed with a warmth of a musk.. It really holds it’s scent. I am quite impressed.. I think this is a perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season as well as one you will want for your vanity to turn to when you are looking to completely change your scent dynamic. Its youthful, fun and full of floral notes.. lovely!!


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