Review – Mehron ~ Barrier Spray (Sealer Fixative)

Barrier Spray™ was developed as an under base for 3-D Gelatin appliances to increase durability. Barrier Spray™ by Mehron is “wonder spray” that also works to insulate sensitive skin from harsh adhesives. Barrier Spray™ may be misted on top of finished powder makeup to set and preserve the makeup application. Barrier Spray™ can be used under makeup to stop sweat or over makeup to set it after applying ColorSet Powder. Barrier Spray™ is another innovation of Mehron, Premier Performance Makeup. 2 oz. Spray Pump Bottle

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METSV says:    This fixative spray absolutely keeps my makeup in place and not running down my face!  The weather has been gorgeous and warm (not complaining) and when my group is playing on the decks of high-sun venues, after a set of singing and moving around I’ll go to the ladies room to check my face and look like a character on the Walking Dead!  Mascara all over the place, liner running…blush GONE… I’ve been using Mehron’s Barrier Spray all summer to a great deal of success.  I feel like it just seals everything in and keeps it there.   My mascara still tends to run a bit, but the rest of my face stays pretty well entact!  I can imagine how amazing this will be under the hot stage lights when we play indoors as well.  It’s refreshing and light to put on (I take it with me to touch up as well), and it just gives me more confidence that I won’t be looking like a hot mess!


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