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Illusia Prestigious Skincare Crystalline Glisten  Full Information @ Be Gorgeous

“Crystalline Glisten” is a 15% Glycolic Treatment Gel that “peels” and sheds outer layers of the skin, gently and PH balanced to perfection.  It effectively fights bacteria and increases the rate of natural dead cell exfoliation, while helping to promote moisturization by renewal of native skin collagen. It contains Aloe Vera, Glycolic Acid, and the soothing properties of: Lavender Extract, Arnica Blossoms Extract, and Calendula Blossoms Extract.

Makeup Addict says Thanks, Maria, for bringing us the opportunity to try some of the  Illusia Prestigious Skincare line.  I am shocked that I did not hear of it before this – but now that I have – all I can say is Wow!!  I have been using their Crystalline Glisten for a while now.  Let me start by saying this is a light water-like gel that I apply to my skin after cleansing.  I usually apply it two times daily and I follow  the application with a moisturizer.  It does have a slight fragrance which is very pleasant and it does dissipate quickly.  I didn’t notice much change right away.  It took a few days and my skin looked like I had undergone an expensive peel – it is so smooth with baby fresh skin and the lines and wrinkles are definitely less noticeable.  This Crystalline Glisten is incredibly gentle for all that it accomplishes.  It just gets rid of the dead and dying skin which releases the new fresh skin.  It removes oil but does NOT dry out my skin.  My skin looks and feels as though I have been to a spa for a very expensive treatment – yet I can continue this look with the Crystalline Glisten as a very reasonable cost!!  Would I be stupid enough to discontinue use — are you kidding – NO WAY!!!!!


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