Review – Kerastase ~ DENSIFIQUE Bain Densité Bodifying Shampoo

    A gentle but thorough cleanser for life stressed hair. Leaves hair with more substance reslience and strength.

Miss Style Apothecary says.. I have had this shampoo in my arsenal for a couple of weeks now and am really starting to see the changes in my locks. My hair is brittle, dry and over processed.. I dry and flat iron daily so you can only image what my locks look like without the help of good hair products.. The densifique line from Kerastase is wonderful.. This shampoo is gentle on my hair but works wonders.. It is a creamy opaque shampoo that is rich and lathers and froths up into a thick rich suds and does a great job of cleaning my hair as well as removing all of the residue from the styling products.. My hair is in touch shape but I take good care of it so I invest in the styling products as well as the cleansing.. This shampoo really seems to cost and protect my locks. As mentioned it froths up but rinses quickly and snag free, it is so smooth that is it almost like a conditioner in my hair, I love that.. When I am washing and conditioning I don’t run my fingers through my hair, I run the risk of pulling hair out so I scrub it when washing but just let the water run through it till it is free from shampoo and the water runs clear..  It does have a scent it is light and fresh.. It isn’t strong or perfumy. It dissipated once I am finished but if I smell my hair it is there, it is light and very favorable. I really like it..

I like a shampoo that does a good job of cleaning because I like to skip a day of shampooing, my hair always style better on the second day, this Densifique shampoo does a good job of removing the oil so I can skip a day and I usually end up just using a touch of dry shampoo to give it that fresh look.  I have been using this every other day and love it..

Since using my hair is shiner, much easier to style, I also feel like it keeps my hair hydrated, the ends aren’t to ragged looking, they don’t fly away as much and seem to lay flatter on their own without any product.. Really lovely shampoo.. I am following up with there gel masque, that review is to come!


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