Review – L’Occitane ~ Frisson Verbena Bath Salts

Frisson Verbena Bath Salt $24.00 at L’Occitane

These bath salts from the Mediterranean Sea perfume your bath water with the fresh and sparkling scent of Frisson de Verveine, creating a moment of well-being and relaxation. Perfect for a summertime at-home spa experience! As with all of products in this range, they contain organic verbena from Provence and a natural spring water extract.

  • In Provence, summertime means the beginning of the verbena harvest. On their way to the distillery, freshly picked verbena leaves travel alongside rivers and streams, where their invigorating scent blends with the freshness of running water.


METSV says:  True story:  I actually took this bottle with me the other night when my bestie and I were going for pedi’s and sushi!   I’m not a huge “take a bath” kinda gal…but I’ve been using this as a skin softening, smoothing, delish smelling very gentle scrub.    It smells so good, citrusy and summery and it makes my skin feel so soft it’s crazy.    So I handed the bottle to the nail tech and explained that we’d like to use this in our water while they were filling up the foot tubs (instead of whatever they throw in there).     They were very sweet about it, and my friend and I sat there chatting while our feet and legs soaked in the salts.   The salts dissolved immediately leaving fragrant, softly sudsing water.    Not only did the whole area smell amazing, but our feet and legs got such a spa pampering.   I can not tell you how soft my legs felt and my friend agreed.   All the dead skin was sloughed off and our legs were super smooth.    Just made for a great pedi experience!   I am a big fan of L’Occitane – you feel like you’re getting such an expensive spa experience when the whole line is quite affordable and the products are top notch.   After using the salts for my entire body without taking a full bath, I am definitely going to now!   


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