Review – L’Occitane ~ Frisson Verbena Ice Gel for Legs and Feet

Frisson Verbena Gel for Legs and Feet $22.00 at L’Occitane

This ultra-fresh gel helps to relieve legs and feet after a hot summer day. Formulated with a combination of cypress essential oil and althea officinalis, it helps to intensely refresh skin and tired legs. As part of our Frisson de Verveine collection, the Ice Gel contains organic verbena from Provence and a natural spring water extract.

  • In Provence, summertime means the beginning of the verbena harvest. On their way to the distillery, freshly picked verbena leaves travel alongside rivers and streams, where their invigorating scent blends with the freshness of running water.

Makeup Addict finds Frisson Verbena Ice Gel for Legs and Feet to be PERFECT, especially for the hot, humid days we are in the midst of.  It has been so uncomfortable and you are unable to stay in Air Conditioned places 100% of the time.  I have to go out into the steamy, thick air and Frisson Verbena Ice Gel for Legs and Feet has been my savior.  It is a tube with a roller ball applicator (no sticky hands).  It is an absolute joy to apply this to my legs and feet. It feels so G R E A T going on and while on.  It is not sticky and it has the most refreshing feeling.  It is almost like soaking my feet in cool water while my legs feel so very refreshed.  It is a a thick liquid and my skin actually glistens when I first apply it.  The fragrance is so clean and fresh – I swear that it adds to the refreshing feeling.  Hey, I admit it – I actually do apply it to my arms as I enjoy the fragrance and the wonderful feeling Frisson Verbena Ice Gel for Legs and Feet provides.  I have used it on cooler days – just for the freshness it brings.  I totally enjoy the refreshing and cooling effects I get from my Frisson Verbena Ice Gel for Legs and Feet.  How could I have forgotten till the end of the review – Frisson Verbena Ice Gel for Legs and Feet not only offers so much comfort to the legs and feet – but it moisturizes so well.  I am so used to all it does that I guess I took it for granted.  It does an excellent job of hydrating my skin – especially so on the hot and humid days where my skin perspires heavily, leaving it exceedingly dry!!! Frisson Verbena Ice Gel for Legs and Feet is a multi-tasker and accomplishes everything it is intended for!!!  (My feet are so bad – and they sweat profusely (products specifically to prevent feet from sweating actually leave me feeling like I am standing in a puddle).  This is one product that actually tames that sweating down – and that is not even listed as a benefit.  I love it!!!!!!!!!


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