Review ~ Karin Herzog ~ Essential Mask

Essential Mask $60.00 avail from Karin Herzog

Essential Mask is the perfect beauty boost for quick firming, radiance and energy. Formulated with 2% oxygen, vitamin A and trace elements, Essential Mask refreshes stressed skin, banishes signs of fatigue and promotes a calm appearance. The skin’s moisture levels are boosted while grapefruit, orange and tangerine essential oils revive the complexion with a bright, illuminated skin tone. Ideal for use by all skin types, Essential Mask is perfect for brightening and redefining the facial contours before a night out. After use, the complexion is noticeably firmer, brighter and calmer. Skin problems are soothed, moisture is boosted and the face glows with a gorgeous radiance.

Miss Style Apothecary says…. I am so happy to share my first experience with Karin’s line.. I am using 2 of her products, this and a her mild scrub.. WHOA… I am loving this mask.. Please see above I was encouraged to apply with their brush.. I did, you can see the fine thin application I got when being able to control the amount of product.. What I thought was crazy was the description of this mask – CAN BE APPLIED TO EYELIDS,  I think that in all of my reviewing I have never come across a mask that is OK to apply to eyelids.. OF course my photo I don’t have it on my lids.. I have been applying to my lids and it stays in place and doesn’t slip or ooze into my eyes.. So after I apply I can feel my skin warm up a little, it isn’t burning or hot but i can feel some heat, so I can feel that is is working.. I leave it on for about 15 minutes then rinse and gently wipe away. It doesn’t dry but becomes tacky so I splash with water first then come back and wipe with a soft fluffy washcloth.. My skin has that bright flush glow.. It feels baby soft and smooth.. It seems to really brighten up my complexion.. My skin drinks up the moisture, it really boosts my hydration level..

It is also nice to use after a LONG day.. It is relaxing, I apply and grab a magazine and just sit like a vegetable.. I am using 2x a week.. I love the results, my skin has had no adverse reactions and it feels better after each use, this is a perfect addition to your regimen when you have a big occasion coming up.. I am all about hydration and plumping, this mask really does book the moisture which in turn makes my skin plumper and more healthy..

I forgot to mention what the mask itself it like, it feels like a creamy rich moisturizer, it doesn’t drip or slip off my face.. I squeeze a little out onto the brush and just apply that way.. I HIGHER encourage the use of this brush and I will share a little secret, I look this with me for an overnight and left my foundation brush, HELLO, double duty, I used it for 2 days to apply my foundation and I liked it.. The brush doesn’t suck up all the product either.. So when I have finished my mask this will make it right in my train case! Double Duty..

If you are feeling dull and drabby, this is a great product grab, you will notice a difference after the first use.. As I mentioned, I am using in conjunction with Karin’s mild scrub the duo are a powerful duo for clear, hydrated bright skin! 🙂


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