As Seen On ~ Nicola Peltz at the NY Premiere of Transformers, hair by Adir Abergel

“Transformers: Age Of Extinction” New York Premiere

All eyes were on Nicola Peltz at the NY premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction as she stepped out onto the red carpet. Celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel was inspired by the beautiful sequined texture and lines of the dress and wanted to bring some 70’s glam to Nicola’s overall look. Adir kept a middle part and added volume, texture and bounce to balance the look and keep it sophisticated yet young.
To achieve Nicola’s hairstyle, Adir started by applying Kms California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry $19.99 from roots to ends to help cut down blow dry time and protect the hair.
He followed that by layering Nicola’s roots with Kms California Add Volume Styling $16.99 for maximum hold.   
Next, Adir used a round brush to smooth out the hair and give it the bounce and shine he was looking for.
He then used a Velcro roller to set the blowout throughout the top of the hair. TRY: FHI Heat Runway IQ Session Heat Rollers $22.40 Once the Velcro roller was in place he took the rest of the hair that was down and sprayed it with Kms California FreeShape 2 + 1 Styling and Finishing Spray $19.99 to lock in the wave.
Adir then proceeded to use a large 11/4″ curling iron to loosely wave the section of the hair that was down. TRY: Hot Tools® 2″ Gold Curling Iron $40.00 Then, he took the top section out of the Velcro rollers and sprayed Kms California FreeShape 2 + 1 Styling and Finishing Spray $19.99), parted the hair in the middle and repeated the same waving technique to create a slight wave to frame Nicola’s face. This created height at the crown to create balance and modernity and to give her look a little 70’s glam.
This look was finished off with a spritz of Adir’s favorite hairspray,Kms California Hair Stay Dry Xtreme Hairspray $17.99.

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