Review – Alterna ~ Bamboo Smooth Kendi Pure Treatment Oil

Alterna® Bamboo Smooth Kendi Pure Treatment Oil $25.00 by Alterna at jcpenney

Give your hair a boost with Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Pure Treatment Oil. Instantly absorbing Kendi oil with strengthening Organic Bamboo Extract is ideal for medium to coarse hair.

  • nourishes and repairs damaged hair
  • use before styling to protect hair color
  • adds shine; reduces frizz



METSV says:  I will start by saying I am a fan of Alterna products.  I remember when the line was first introduced many years ago and a certain actress was using the products and she had the best hair ever…so naturally I started using them!   Currently you’ll find several Alterna products in my hair-care arsenal… So, from the Bamboo range comes this lovely hair oil perfect for frizzy or coarse hair; neither of which I have.  I have thin, fine hair that is prone to dryness only on the ends, so I had to use this sparingly because a little goes a long way.  The dropper is genius because it makes it impossible to overdo it.   It instantly made my hair look thicker on the ends and smoothed it right out – seriously, my hair is so thin on the ends and to have it look even a little thicker is a bonus.  Plus the shine and softness it imparts is lovely.  It does not weigh my hair down at all and the scent is so pretty and light.   This is perfect for pre-straightening as I had this “stolen” from my bathroom by a certain family member who DOES have thick hair that can be dry on the ends and who uses a straightener on a regular basis(apparently she does not take after her mother).      She was on her way out and came downstairs where I was sitting with my sisters and they all commented on how beautiful her hair looked… and it really did.  Smooth as silk and super shiny.   I had to retrieve it from her bathroom.. but I have to admit.. her hair looked amazing.  So whether your hair is thin and fine like mine or thick, coarse, or has a tendency to frizz, Kendi Pure Treatment Oil will work for you.    Great product by the always reliable Alterna.


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