Review – Organic Doctor – (Organic Virgin Olive Oil) Cuticle & Nail Solution

Bioactive organic Virgin Olive Oil is renowned for its intense moisturizing and restoring properties and is an excellent source of Oleic Acid, an antioxidant.

In combination with a complex blend of restoring bioactive and natural ingredients, we have formulated an exceptional cuticle and nail serum providing intensive nutrition for dry, worn cuticles whilst promoting healthy, beautifully conditioned nails.



METSV says:  This pretty much made pocketbook status on day one.   I love this stuff.   It’s like an instantaneous fix for dry looking nails and cuticles.   It imparts a soft shine for a couple of minutes then dissipates to soft, hydrated looking nailbeds.  I squeeze the tiniest drop on each cuticle and gently massage in and I’m not kidding – it’s an instant conditioning of the whole area …  I abuse the heck out of my nails being a guitar player.  I keep them short but I’m constantly banging them around on strings so to have any kind of beneficial therapy for them is great.  I try to apply twice a day.    You have to check out the entire range of this awesome award-winning organic line…  there’s olive oil, aloe vera, moroccan oil, royal jelly, vitamin e.. just to name a few, and within each range is a great variety of products.  Ya, good luck trying to narrow your wish list down….Great company.


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