Review – Tatcha ~ Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask

Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask $95.00 at Barneys New York

Exclusively Ours! Combining a proprietary red algae blend with TATCHA’s signature HADASEI-3(TM) Bioactive Complex, the mask’s serum infuses skin with powerful moisture-enriching actives. The coconut-derived biocellulose mask, developed originally for burn victims, enables the serum to penetrate 53% deeper resulting in smoother, more luminous, replenished-looking skin in minutes. Formulated without mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, PEGs, PPGs, urea, DEA, TEA or phthalates. Ideal for dry and combination skin. 4 mask set / 20ml serum per mask

Miss Style Apothecary says… Thank you Tatcha! I love this mask.. What I noticed first is the texture of the mask material. So many of these masks are make up of material that doesn’t fit to my face, the material feels scratchy and almost repels my face, I can’t get a good fit… Tatcha’s feels so amazing and comfortable, the fibers are soft and the fit is perfect. I find that the mask completely fits on my face and works with all of the contours.. I applied and was able to read and watch TV.. I have had others that I have to lay down because it slips.. Tatcha’s lifting mask is gelled with my face like a second skin.. It is super hydrating and is very wet when I apply it isn’t dripping but has amply moisture to absorb into my skin.. I applied this after a hot sunny day… I wasn’t sunburned but my skin was pink, I was wearing spf 45 but still was looking pinkish and my skin felt tight..

My skin was depleted so there was no better time to try this out.. I washed my face and patted dry. I opened up and applied to my skin, it instantly felt cool. I played around with application making sure I could see and that my face was fully covered and there were no bubbles.. It warms up really quickly then I just sat down and took out a magazine.. I am going to be honest.. I seriously was into reading and forgot it was there so my first use was a lot longer than the recommended time. When I removed it was only lightly damp. It was on it’s way to drying completely.. I peeled it off, no pain and it wasn’t sticky it just slid off.
My skin felt tacky so I just rubbed the dampness into my skin.. My skin looked fresh and plump. To the touch, my face was soft, hydrated plump.. Visibly it looks fresh and rosy, my skin no longer felt tight and dehydrated it just a new radiance that was fresh. I didn’t want to be greedy so I divided the box up among my editors to have a good too BUT I kept one additional for myself, I am going to use this the night before my friends wedding,.. I feel like using this mask is like getting a facial.. it is the kind of product that is PERFECT for a special occasion to gain radiance and have a more youthful look.. I can’t get over how much I loved using.. The hydration is lasting and all of the little flaking that I had been experiencing disappeared.
I think if you have something coming up that you want to look good for this is PERFECT, I also think this is a great product to use before applying self tanner.. it leaves my skin with the perfect canvas for self tanner.. I also think if you are having a girls day this is perfect for an at home spa day.. I love this mask..

Makeup Addict was smart enough to read Denise’s review before using my Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask.  I was just planning on using it to see how well it works.  But then I saw her suggestion that we use it for special occassions.  It was perfect timing – I had just made lunch arrangements with a friend I used to work with – and have not seen for several years.  I wanted to look pretty decent and not old – old as it had been several years.  I broke open my Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask and fitted it over my face. YES, it felt really good – nice and cool and very comfortable.  I have used masks that have felt quite uncomfortable but this Tatcha feels just right. I just smoothed it out so it was hugging my face so that every single inch would benefit.   Okay, now to be perfectly honest – I kept it on longer than the recommended 15 minutes as I wanted all the improvements I could possibly get.  I hated to remove it but I finally did so.  My face had some remnants on it and I massaged them in — not wanting to waste any.  I did take a peek at my face before applying moisturizer and was pleasantly surprised.  .   . No, I did not look 20 years old.  However, I looked very refreshed with less noticeable pores and lines. The improvements were really noticeable – I was thrilled.  I could go to lunch looking my best and not haggard and tired.  I applied my moisturizer and all my warpaint.  I could not get over the difference – it was amazing.  It definitely took a couple of years off and she noticed immediately.  She commented on how I had not aged and actually looked better!!  She is not a person to lie — she is very honest so I knew that I looked as good as I felt.  My skin was just so hydrated from the mask and then the moisturizer sealed it in — my skin was plumped up to the maximum and looked so smooth and fresh.  I could not only see my skin glow — I swear I felt it, especially after getting that greeting when she first saw me.  You can bet I have since purchased some of these to have on hand, not only for special occassions – but also for regular use.  I know I am saving quite a bit of cash by doing these at home rather than having them done at a salon. Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask has earned its way into my normal skin routine!!  I am absolutely thrilled with my results.


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