Review – Celtic Complexion ~ Light Tinted Moisturizer

Celtic Complexion Light Tinted Moisturizer   $59.95  Available @ Celtic Complexion

The skin loving ingredients, and healthy color will give your skin a supple, sun-kissed glow. 25% zinc oxide provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB chemical-free protection from the sun. The airless pump bottle ensures just the right amount per application, and never wastes any product. Adjustable coverage so that it may also be used as a healthy foundation. Also available in medium tone tint.

Makeup Addict doesn’t usually use a tinted moisturizer, but that is changing now.  I love that I can wear this Celtic Complexion Light Tinted Moisturizer as a moisturizer under my foundation or completely by itself.  I was surprised at how much coverage this provided — and it does not look cakey or powdery.  I use a small amount and apply it to my face and neck.  The light is perfect for me — I usually need light or medium in most foundations.  It glides on easily and my skin reflects the color immediately-but very naturally. It has a SPF 31 which is absolutely necessary especially with Spring arriving in our area with a real abundance of sun.  I just need to apply Sun Protection to my arms, legs, etc. as Celtic Complexion Light Tinted Moisturizer provides the protection for my face and neck.  Oh yeah, this is a moisturizer so I should mention the hydration it gives me.  Sun and wind (it has been very windy for several days now – even with full sun) really do a job on my skin.  Well, my skin is fully hydrated and it stays that way all day or evening once I apply Celtic Complexion Light Tinted Moisturizer.  Hey, Celtic Complexion Light Tinted Moisturizer is a very effective multi-tasker.  It moisturizes, gives some coverage and protects from the sun!!  I would say I get my money’s worth from Celtic Complexion Light Tinted Moisturizer.  I really like all the benefits my skin gets from my using it!!


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