Review – Pureology ~ Strength Cure Restorative Masque

Features & Benefits

  • Intense fortifying formula helps strengthen and deeply conditions micro-scarred and color damaged hair
  • Boosts strength and reduces breakage
  • Helps protect colour radiance

How To Use

  • Apply to clean, damp hair. Leave on 2-5 minutes. Rinse.

For more info on Pureology and the Strength Cure range, please visit Pureology HERE!

METSV says:   Exactly what I need right now…  I don’t know if it was the winter, or if I was overwashing/overstyling/using too much heat, etc., but my hair had been looking pretty frazzled… and dry…. Pureology to the rescue.  I’ve been using this mask once a week (well, one week I used it twice) and it really seems to help my hair – in both the health of it, and the look of it.   My hair seems stronger (especially my fly away ends) and less prone to breakage and shedding.   Super easy to use.  I keep it in my shower and use it right after shamppoing.    I massage it in from roots to tips and let it sit there for at least five minutes and then I rinse it out.    There’s an immediate SUPER softness – almost too soft to style without the aid of stying products – I do notice that I have to ramp up  the styling aids as my hair is baby soft and I have thin, fine hair to begin with… but I’m not complaining; not at ALL because the shine is there as well as an overall better look to the color.   This jar will last forever too because I really do not have to use alot.  Just a small dollop of the pretty pink cream takes care of my head – if you have thicker, longer hair you’ll probably need a bit more.  My entire shower is a veritable shrine to Pureology products, and this mask is a great addition.   Actually, the whole Strength Cure range is a great idea for those of us with compromised, fine, color-treated hair.


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