Face Atelier ~ Lip Glaze


Impossibly shiny, smooth as glass. Non-sticky, moisturizing formula that’s a cinch to apply in a frosted, slant-tip tube. $20 avail @ Face Atelier

cakedoo1 says… As described above “smooth as glass” is a dead-on description. This goes on flawless and feels smooth and invisible on my lips. I have this in Cameo which is a a neutral that looks very natural.  It gives my lippies a perfect amount of shine and I find that it stays in place also. Some lippies slip and end up getting onto my face. The color on the back of my hand looks like a lightly shimmery peachy taupe so it will work with all skin tones.  For me I am very pale so my results are a nice nude taupe that is great for day and night.. The shine is amazing.. You will not believe the shine you get without the sticky, tackiness.  It feels more like a lip balm going on.  I also have found that my lips don’t get dried out at all.  When the color does fade it is very graceful so it diminishes over time.  It wears really well and feels super comfortable.. Pucker up!

METSV says:  I have this fantabulous lipglaze in peach and me likey very, very much!!!!  Smooth as silk going on, does NOT dry out my lips or make them feel cakey and heavy, high shine – pure love for this gloss.  (Did you really expect anything less from Face Atelier?) True story – I’m at the gym the other night and I said to my gorgeous niece, “Ali, you have to try this lipgloss” (I have passed on the lipgloss junkie gene to her).  So, of course she tries it on and it looks GREAT on her – honestly, Peach will look good on just about everyone…so then she starts giving me that pleading “can I have it” face…but I didn’t cave – nope.  This will stay safely in my pocketbook thank-you-very-much.  But anyway….we do this ridiculous turbo-kick class and at the end of it, although we were all a heaving, sweaty, mess, Ali’s lips STILL had the gloss going on!  Awesome staying power!  Shiny without stickiness, staying power, gorgeous colors, soft barely detectable scent,…sigh….what’s NOT to love….do your lips a favor and go ahead and get a few of these glosses.  You’ll LOVE THEM. Promise.

NRF77 says.. I can’t agree more with the other girls.. This is the ungloss, meaning it’s super shiny looks great on but you don’t suffer all the drawback of tackiness, heavy and dries out the lips. This surely is a glaze, it adds a ton of shine and allows my lips to feel like they can breath, they aren’t heavily coated. The tube is also huge! So you really get your money’s worth. I have been wearing for day and night without a problem. So I can attest that the drying I usually experience in the first couple of days of wear has never came! My lips are smooth and hydrate. I know I sound like a little kid repeating myself but I can’t help but stress the ease of wearing and the color is amazing. I can wear alone or layer on top of other lipsticks

Makeup Addict has been shining away in ‘Flamingo’ Face Atelier Lip Glaze!  This is a gorgeous pinky-mauvey color that just seems to add more shine to the actual shine.  I won’t say this color is neutral as I am not really sure.  But I am betting it will brighten most faces up!.  However, I say take a look at the color array and pick the ones you love.  There is no doubt that you will select at least one, and probably many more than one.  As mentioned above — the actual shine to this Glaze is incredible — it is like glass.  I have many clear glosses and glazes that I use to specifically add shine to whatever color I am wearing.  This Face Atelier Lip Glaze gives much more shine than those specialty shine ones.  It does apply very simply, and has incredible staying power.  I am very rough on all lip products and they really don’t stand a chance with me.  Face Atelier Lip Glaze can stand the test. . . it stays and stays.  You are really going to love this Face Atelier Lip Glaze.  It looks great and it stays on — it is worth every penny.


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