Review – Pharmagel ~ DN-24 Hydracreme

Pharmagel DN 24 Hydracreme

$30.00 by D&N at Walgreens

Day/Night Moisturizer Restores Skin’s Healthy Glow. For Normal to Dry Skin. DN-Hydracreme® is a restorative facial treatment, containing 25,000 I.U. Vitamin Retinol-A, revitalizes skin to youthful resiliency.

  • Retinol-A is a Vitamin A derivative known for its extensive anti-aging benefits.
  • Restores skin’s tone and elasticity, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines.
  • Day/Night Moisturizer
  • Antioxidant Age Reversal Formula
  • All Natural and Hypoallergenic

Made in USA Apply to face and neck A.M. and P.M. May be used with Bio-A® Concentrate and Pharma-C® Serum. Pharmagel


METSV says:   What a skinsaver this creme has been.  I’m not kidding, I don’t know if my skin has ever been this dry. This winter has been so brutal – with no end in sight – and my skin has been taking a beating… I can not tell you what a treat it’s been using this cream every night.  I actually look forward to coming home, washing my face, and just slathering this soothing and hydrating cream all over it.   I don’t even massage it in all that well.  I let it sit on my skin then after awhile I will gently rub whatever hasn’t absorbed into my skin.   I wake up with such soft and pampered skin. It’s like I was at a spa.    My crinkles around my eyes seem less noticable and my laugh lines look improved.   As I have not delved into anything other than topicals – I try to “treat” my forehead elevens by putting extra cream between my brows and two pieces of tape over the lined areas.     In the morning, the elevens are just about gone.  It doesn’t last all day, but it really does make a difference.    Pharmagel is a quality skincare line with well-researched and proven ingredients – and most importantly, it’s affordable.   As a matter of fact, I got a wonderful bonus size – which just gives me license to really slather it on!   The creme has a very light and clean scent – not perfumey or overpowering – just clean….Kudos to for bringing this line into their skincare range.  You will not be sorry if you give this a try.  My skin feels as soft as a baby’s behind with this and it just feels and looks a jillion times better.


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