SUPERSMILE Clinically Formulated Oral Rinse – You Need this!


Supersmile Clinically Formulated Oral Rinse has been designed to provide much more than just longlasting fresh breath.

With regular use as part of the Supersmile Oral Care Maintenance System, this winter-fresh mint flavored mouthwash will help keep teeth clean, aid in preventing the formation of
plaque (that can often lead to serious oral care problems, such as gingivitis) and provides long-lasting germicidal protection by actively eliminating the bacteria that can cause bad breath

$8 for 8oz avail @ SuperSmile

First thoughts, wow, this tastes so different.. Its a little thicker in consistency than other rinses.. It’s also got some serious bubbly action that I wasn’t expecting, it feels great on my teeth (is there such a thing as over rinsing?? I am I can’t get enough). The flavor is a minty spicy peppery.. It’s hard to describe.. If you are like me always on a quest for some bright teeth than aren’t so white that they are blinding then spend the $8 and try it, you can literally use a small amount and get more value out of the container.. I am loving this rinse! I can’t believe  I have never tried it in the past. I have sensitive teeth so this line has been working wonderful for me and I haven’t had any sensitivity at all. This rinse makes me mouth feel and taste fresh, there isn’t any burning and it works really well with the program, you can get this rinse where the tooth brush won’t go so in turn you are reaching all of those inter-proximal spots so in between the teeth are benefiting.. Amazing stuff and I am completely sold! Thanks Dr. Smigel!


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