Pravana Naturceuticals Seal & Shine Hydrating Spray

Pravana Seal and Shine Hydrating Mist provides instant shine and protection with a natural look. It immediately gives styled hair definition and a silky feel without leaving hair feeling greasy. It’s innovative oil free formula provides all-day moisture and protection. Seal and Shine Hydrating Mist also seals split ends and gives protection from the sun’s harmful rays $11 avail @ Sleek Hair or for more info check out Pravana

Pravana Hydrating Intensive Leave-In Treatment is a two phase treatment. Pravana Hydrating Intensive Leave-In Treatment is an instant moisturizer. It’s rich botanical protein and moisturizing ingredients soften, detangle and provide incredible shine, without weighing hair down. INTENSIVE LEAVE-IN IS PERFECTLY pH BALANCED AND HELPS TO LOCK IN HAIR COLOR. $12.99 avail @ Sleek Hair or for more info check out Pravana

Ok, ok so this is my first time trying Pravana.. I am loving this spray.. It’s got a tart cranberry / pomegranate scent the is mouth watering delish. It is also super fine so unless you do a direct spritz then you won’t over due it.. I have shoulder length hair that I straighten daily so I am always using sealing products, the iron I use is pretty hot! Yes, I have the scars to prove it! I learned early on not to straighten my hair and always use a product to protect the doo. Pravana’s Seal & Shine is great.. It totally helps with laying down my flyways. I also like what it does when used with the flat iron, it really keep my hair looking silky and shiny and of course smooth and straight.. You iron, you need it’s that simple.. The highlight of it all, only $11.. You know you can spend a lot more on these sprays.. I think it’s a great price point and a little goes far so you won’t be drenching your doo.. The scent yum!! I am salivating, its that good!!

 lilmissashley says I really loved the Hydrating Intensive Leave in Treatment Spray! As soon as I sprayed this product on my hair, all the tangles and knots I usually accumulate after showering…disappeared!!! It also made my hair so soft….it was unbelievable! I always get nervous that leave in hair products will weight my hair down and make it greasy during the day. But, I didn’t have to worry about this product at all… my hair wasn’t greasy, just very shiny!! Even when I sprayed the product on my damp hair… it didn’t feel slimy or greasy…just very soft. Don’t hold back spraying either, I sprayed at least 6 or 7 sprays and found no adverse side effects. The bottle is very large and tall, so you can get a lot of applications with this one! The scent was amazing too. I couldn’t really find just one adjective to describe the scent, but it just smelt refreshing and somewhat fruity to me. There are two different shades of liquid in the bottle and you have to make sure you shake the bottle well to mix the two together. This is definitely a product that I suggest you guys take a second look at!!


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