CTONICS ~ Passion

CTONICS PASSION (for dry or chemically treated hair and scalp) is formulated with exotic camellia and hibiscus oils as well as nut proteins and Vitamin E to moisturize and hydrate the hair, reversing the drying and damaging effects of harsh detergents and color treatments whilst helping color last longer. Use as both a hair cleanser and a weekly deep conditioning treatment to promote healthy hair with volume, shine and moisture. This is our most luxurious tonic and provides great moisture to the hair and scalp. You will find after using CTONICS PASSION for an extended period of time you may not need a conditioner, surprisingly, this is why it works so brilliantly with fine hair with a tendency to frizz.  

$25 avail  @ Ctonics

Make up Addict had a hard time – waiting until I used this the 5 times they say it will need start to actually show results.  I disagree — I saw some results immediately.  Please be sure to read all the information on the bottle and in the pamphlet completely so that you will realize you are using something so different from everything you have been using.  You might want to refrigerate the product – but I will let you read the information yourself to discover why.  You use this Passion cleaner much as you would a normal shampoo.  However, they suggest you really leave it in your hair and on your scalp for some time to let it start doing its job.  I have no problem with that — I want the best results I can get. When you rinse it out — personally, I suggest you then use one of CTONICS conditions for the full benefits.  (You will note that Passion is also a treatment — you are getting double the good effects from one product).  Seriously, what other products do you know that you can get so much from.  Even after the very first skeptical use – I could see and feel the difference.  After rinsing – before I went on to condition — my hair felt more full and I was first thinking I left some product in and rinsed again.  No, there was no residue — it was my hair!!  It definitely already felt like it had more texture to it — I was surprised for one wash results.  Now after five I am very, very happy I discovered CTONICS.  There products are beyond what I am used to.  The results I felt and saw after the first use — might be something I would expect after several uses/treatments with other well-know products.  I will be doing a review on the conditioner shortly and I am equally thrilled with that.  You are definitely getting your money’s worth and more for CTONICS Passion.  This product is all natural but it works on chemically treated hair — I know.  Oh, as an added bonus — wait until you see the shine in your hair.  It looks as though I used a product specifically for shine.  An important feature is that CTONICS effects are accumulative and strengthening.  Thus, the longer you use them — the more your hair and scalp improve. 


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