Deep Steep’s Moisture Stick


French manicures killing your cuticles? Party heels got your feet worn out? Need a refreshing pick me up? Want to smell pretty? Designed for the woman on the go, deep steep’s all natural moisture stick is the perfect purse companion who won’t let you down. Melts on contact with the heat from your skin.

$5 from Deep Steep

This stick works amazingly! I saw results after the first time I picked it up- I rubbed a bit on my hand and felt the smoothness come right away!! I love how the Moisture Stick comes in the most convenient packaging. I am very busy and I LOVED how this stick was small enough to fix into my bag yet had enough uses to find itself in there! The stick was somewhat of a solid product until it touched your skin which melted the product ( as noted in the description). It then turns liquid-y and you are able to rub it in!!! It works great on the tough spots- like heels and elbows… but you can literally use it anywhere! I really enjoyed how you didn’t have to take out a liquid cream…. Screw off the cap…rub it in…screw the cap back on…rub it in some more…with this stick all you have to do is pop the cap off then rub it where you want it! There isn’t much rubbing involved and you don’t need to rub it in to get rid of the white filmy residue. This product definitely had an interesting scent. It smelt a mixture of spearmint (which reminded me of my favorite gum) and something fruity (which I suppose is its honeydew side). But, the scent was not overwhelming and faded after some time. All this… and for only 5 bucks… I’d say it’s a great deal!

METSV says:  Okay, how COOL is this moisture stick from Deep Steep?   How many other companies out there are slapping themselves upside the head for not inventing this?  Fantastic all-over moisturizer in a stick form – who’d a thunk!  I am reviewing the Tangerine Melon; a delish citrusy smelling, multi-tasker that works on all parts of your body – love it most on my elbows and heels – I did one of my heels and compared it to the other dry one – WHAT a difference!   I also did a side by side test on my hands – all of the little dry lines were immediately erased from the hand I applied it to –  the result was younger and smoother hands…I use this on my cuticles to keep them soft, I use this on my lips to moisten (and softly glisten) them up, I’ve used this on my knees, I’ve taken the stick rubbed some in my palms, (it melts on contact!) and given back-rubs with it! So I’d say this little stick is pretty dang versatile!  It easily goes where you go!  Chock full of good-for you ingredients – shea and cocoa butter, vitamin e, echinacea – sheesh!  Sinks right in, never greasy or oily feeling… 100% pure-fection…Seriously….to try this moisture stick is to love this moisture stick…Run along now and go get yourself a couple…


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