Review – Lumene ~ Vitamin C + Dry Skin Comfort Radiance Cocktail

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Dry Skin Cocktail  $17.59 by Lumene at

Dry Skin Comfort Highly conditioning bioactive oil complex combines cranberry and cloudberry seed oils to help nourish and vitalize even the driest skin. Improves skin smoothness and visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dehydration. Wild Arctic Cloudberry and Encapsulated Vitamin C The potent nectar and seed oil of the resilient Arctic cloudberry protect and detoxify, while encapsulated vitamin C allows for time-released skin penetration. The bioactvie combination delivers lasting radiance for bright, smooth skin, protected from the signs of aging. Formulated to: Formulated without parabens, formaldehyde donors, mineral oil, synthetic colorants. Made in Finland

Just do yourself a favor and if you find this in your nearest drugstore (I know CVS and Walgreens carried it in store at one point…if not, you’ll definitely find it online), just scoop them ALL up.   This could very well be my favorite product of the winter… If you’re like me and have really dry worse-in-winter dry skin, I’m not kidding you, this lovely non-greasy liquid absolutely restores radiance, dewiness, softness, and healthy glow to my skin.  

Lumene is one of those lines that has almost a cult-like following to it.    They have so many excellent skincare products…. (and don’t even let me get STARTED on their Blueberry mascara – AWESOMENESS)… and the price point is so darn reasonable,  I’d like to keep it all to myself, but know I have to share with everyone I talk to who asks me “what’s a good drugstore brand?”   LUMENE is typically my response.

The liquid comes in a glass tube that you shake (really well) before applying…. when you first look at the tube, there’s a lovely purpley shade on the bottom and an orangey shade on top – mix it together and you get a  reddish-pinkish color that absorbs instantly into my skin.  How many products have you used that contain Cloudberry Oil?  Exactly.  I’ve only seen this ingredient in Lumene products and whatever it is, my skin loves it.  It feels hydrated and smooth – and my moisturizer feels like silk going on after it – and BONUS, I need less of it because this is so hydrating.   One and a half pumps is all it takes of this to make my skin look clearer and softer.   I think after several weeks of use that even the tone of my skin looks more even and I’ll attribute that to the Vitamin C.   Yes, this is an oil, and pace yourself when you start using it so you don’t use TOO much (though my skin could care less, it just absorbs it and never feels greasy) but once you find the right amount for YOU you will love the velvety smoothness and glow your skin takes on.

The secret is out on this one!  If you’re a dry skin girl like me and you’re looking for some much needed skin revitalizing, I think this is just the ticket.


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