Frederic Fekkai Zero Humidity Frizz Control



The Limited Edition Marine Summer Hair collection features UV protection and AquaNutrients, an exclusive blend of Marine extracts with deep hydrating benefits:
• Sea Algae (Red, Blue and Green micro algae) protects against the elements.
• Sea Kelp Extract replenishes and revitalizes dry hair.
• Sea Water sustains long-term moisturization on hair.
• Marine Peptides repair damaged hair.

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Cakedoo1 says…. Limited Edition? What? I want this in my doo arensal always.. It’s been working wonders on my hair.. OMG, It’s not only a de-frizzer it’s a light conditioner and anti flyway miracle worker! Summer hair must have.. I use de-frizzers everyday and am always on the hunt for the next best thing.. This is one of those gems you want to tell everyone about but greedily want all for yourseld to covet.. I can’t help it but it’s true, this is weightless and goes on in the most fine mist.. It quickly covers all the doo and only needs a quick rubbing throughout and you are ready to style.. You can blow or air day and you will notice a polished difference in your hair.. It’s been rainy and humid in the Northeast for, what about 2 months off and on so I know something about needing some serious frizz protection.. This is also doesn’t make the doo greasy the next morning.. I can get up and if I don’t have time and need to run out I can brush and go and my hair still stands up.. (I am not hitting the catwalk, maybe Petco.. I do sometimes hit the streets unshowered when pressed for time) The scent is light and lovely, a little tropical popsicle in a spritz.. If you need light or serious frizz control help them turn to Fekkai! I am on the Fekkai Ferry to Fab!!


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