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There is a renowned dermatologist with over 30 years of “skin-sight” at his disposal, who offers consultations and makes house calls in every city and town in every state, every country and every continent – at no charge whatsoever. Though it may sound “too good to be true,” it’s not. It’s the spirit behind DermTV (, the Internet’s first daily skincare video show hosted by Dr. Neal Schultz, one of New York’s most trusted and respected dermatologists, who demonstrates and reveals expert tips and techniques that provide real solutions to real skincare issues.

“My goal for DermTV is to provide people with objective knowledge, eliminate disinformation, and empower them to achieve younger, better, and overall healthier looking skin,” explains Dr. Schultz. “With the techniques, tips and technology they learn from DermTV, viewers will be able to create visible results, help to prevent premature aging of their skin and skin cancer, and have younger looking and healthier skin. I also want to enable them to reach out to me directly as a new resource for their personal skincare questions.”

Every weekday, DermTV’s host, Dr. Schultz, will offer objective, non-biased positions on skincare’s most timely issues, products, medications, procedures – any and everything under the damaging sun. Topics include:
• The best at-home techniques and new technologies for facial rejuvenation
• Preventing and repairing sun damage – from wrinkles to skin cancer
• Breaking news in dermatology
• And general skincare topics

In order for Dr. Schultz to cover your skincare question, all you have to do is ask it by clicking the “Ask Dr. Schultz” link on and the topic of your question may become the subject of a future video (anonymity is par for the course, of course). Most importantly, Dr. Schultz is not bound by skincare endorsements, so full disclosure on skincare needs makes for a refreshingly unbiased and honest approach to skin solutions.

To start asking your questions pop on over to Derm TV

Here’s a little info on Dr. Schultz too

Dr. Neal Schultz has a 30-year track record for giving New York women and men glowing, beautiful skin. His unique approach – a synthesis of his research and work as both an internist and dermatologist – while looking simple at first glance, provides a breakthrough method for achieving gorgeous skin. From his practice, Park Avenue Skin Care, to his proprietary therapeutic skincare products, Stallex® for Perfect Skin, to his book “It’s Not Just About Wrinkles,” Dr. Neal Schultz shares his years of knowledge and practical know-how not only with his clientele, but women all across America.

Dr. Neal Schultz, unlike most dermatologists, believes that it is primary color and texture issues that contribute to the dissatisfaction with one’s skin rather than lines and wrinkles (contour tissues). Color and texture issues are far more pervasive, common and important. Correcting these two key concerns requires that one can both identify one’s color and texture problems (which he teaches his patients to do) and determine one’s correct skin type (which he explains is easy to do): based on that knowledge one chooses the appropriate skincare products. Once the right products are in place, achieving beautiful, glowing skin only takes four minutes a day.

According to Dr. Neal Schultz and his years of treating and listening to patients, there are actually six skin types rather than the traditional three skin types. The six types are: normal, oily/acne prone, dry, combination, mature and sensitive skin. Each skin type has its own balance of oil and water, requiring that the products one chooses be appropriate for one’s skin type. Once people know their correct skin type they can easily identify what products are right for them (whether purchased at a department store or drugstore).

Only four minutes a day are needed to produce skin that is luminous and glowing. The steps include:
1) Preparing the skin by cleansing
2) Toning the skin to remove any remaining residue
3) Applying active ingredients appropriate for one’s color and texture issues
4) Finishing with a sunscreen and/or moisturizer

Though it seems like common sense, most women across America only wash with bar soap and moisturize. There are two essential points, in addition to knowing one’s skin type, in this “four minute a day” system that will ensure beautiful skin. One is the use of a product that contains the correct problem-specific active ingredient for an individual’s color and texture problem. For instance, for dull or matte skin a product containing glycolic is recommended. Second, it is universally acknowledged that unprotected exposure to the sun damages skin, but what is not generally known is that one should apply a sunscreen product before they moisturize. Following these two steps will greatly contribute to achieving gorgeous skin.



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