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Introducing Everdeep: a remarkable new anti-aging skincare program that is simple, sensible and absolutely skin-transforming. No matter your age, no matter your skin type, no matter your skin concern. EverDeep is designed to restore the healthy radiance and beauty of your skin.

Scientist at Carnegie Institution for Science and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University, Dr. Arthur Grossman, Ph.D. has spent the past 40 years researching how different algae species function and the precious compounds that they contain. Amongst the algae species that have been identified, a few contain higher concentrations of micronutrients than most. Based on Dr. Arthur Grossman’s research, a unique combination of algae compounds from Northern Europe was identified: the Algasome™ complex. The Algasome™ complex is a rich and concentrated source of amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants, polyphenols and polysaccharides.

Founded upon Dr. Grossman’s research, EverDeep exclusively leverages the power of the Algasome™ complex to deliver the essence of algae and its rejuvenating properties to offer exceptional anti-aging benefits. Skin’s strength feels restored, lines and wrinkles are visibly minimized and radiance is renewed, revealing a smoother, firmer, younger-looking complexion.



METSV says:  To be honest, I didn’t even realize this was an “As Seen On T.V.” skincare line.   Believe me, I’ve seen a ton of skin-care infomercials, many of them met with skepticism, so maybe it was better that I didn’t know this was “one of those” product lines so I could go in with an open mind.  I’m glad I did because it is a good line of skincare – and hey, if Jennifer Beals likes it (I may or may not have been slightly obsessed with her when Flashdance came out) then it’s gotta be good!   Here’s what I got:

1.  Radiance cleanser
2.  Illuminating Toner
3.  Intensive anti-wrinkle Serum
4.  Lifting Day Cream (with SPF 20)
5.  Complete Repair Night Cream
6.  Triple-action Eye Cream
7.  Instant Wrinkle Corrector

I really wanted to give this the full 30 days before I did a review – so here we are at day 32-ish… I would say on the whole that the skincare system is a no-nonsense program that has kept my skin looking pretty healthy if I do say so myself!  There’s a nice softness to it which is usually non-existant this time of year and it feels clean and healthy.  Did I use all the products every day?  Not always, but I did try to stick to the regimen for best results.  I kept the cleanser in my shower and love how it cleans but does not strip my skin.  I took the toner and put it in a spray bottle and I love spritzing my face with it.   I’ve also used it with a cotton ball to firm up my skin.    The eye cream goes with me every day.  I pat it on my eyes in the a.m. and then toss it in my pocketbook for mid-day touchups.  I keep a heater in my office as it’s freezing in there, so sometimes the moisture is sucked out of my skin so it’s great that I have this fast acting and effective eye cream to instantly soothe dry lines around my eyes.  Both Wrinkle creams work really nice at reducing the appearance of my 11’s and crow’s feet.    They are still there -but seem so much less noticable!  Oh, and here’s a tip – I put a bit of the serum on my vertical forehead creases and then take scotch tape and put it over them.   In about a half hour I remove them and honestly, it’s like the lines completely disappear…. I love how the day cream has added SPF 20 for sun protection,though I do have it in my mineral makeup it’s always nice to have extra coverage there.  I would say the cream is light – not heavy at all – and for me, I do need a little more moisture, so I do add a bit of either the serum or another moisturizer that’s a little heavier.    I’ve actually added a bit of the EverDeep nightcream to it and that works really well too!   Speaking of which – I love the Night Cream…. it’s like a spa treatment overnight.  My skin feels super soft and healthy in the morning.  You can try the 30-day system for $39.95 – really NOT BAD AT ALL!   The products did indeed last me 30 days.   Just make sure that if you’re not sure about auto-shipping (which will happen once the 30 days is up) to clarify with customer service.    There’s a lot of snake oil out there being touted as the next best thing in skincare and you have to be choosy and careful as to which ones will hold up to their claims.  I’d say EverDeep is a good choice for an effective skincare regimen and worth a shot.


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