New Product Alert ~ The Blend by Fred Segal

The Blend by Fred Segal  $150.00  @ The Blend Fragrance
THE BLEND is a one-of-a-kind line of pure perfume oils founded at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. Based on an exotic palette created more than 30 years ago, these oils can be worn alone or blended together for an infinite number of unique fragrances.
Ten individual rollerballs of pure perfume oils; a custom display stand; a travel case; and our guide to creating signature scents.
The oils include: No. 01 / Floral; No. 02 / Green; No. 03 / Epicure;

No. 04 / Spice; No. 05 / Floral; No. 06 / Musk; No. 07 / Spice; 
No. 08 / Floral; No. 09 / Ocean; No. 10 / Citrus
Each rollerball contains 0.17 FL. OZ. of pure perfume oil.

Makeup Addict thinks it might be nice to create your own signature Fragrance and this is just the kit to do it. Take a peek at all of the various scents that are included in The Blend by Fred Segal – and you can combine in the amounts you want to come up with ‘Your Own Fragrance’.  It just perks up my imagination to think about the possibilties.  But wait — if $150.00 might be tad too much, especially with the holidays coming up — you can buy the individual scents for $38.00 each.  (so actually you can see the kit is a bargain as all ten would actually come to $380.00) so now the $150.00 does not seem to be too high.  Take a peek and decide what you might want to invest in.  I do know that whatever I end up doing — Citrus will be included.  Oh, Ocean and Spice and Spice again.  Wow, maybe I should invest in the The Blend by Fred Segal kit after all.


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