Review – Moroccanoil ~ Candle – Holiday Gift Guide 2013 Choice

Moroccanoil Candle $52.00 available @ Nordstrom
A delicately fragranced candle releases the MOROCCANOIL® signature scent, which is designed to instantly relax you while filling your space with a warm, soothing ambiance. The candle is made in France from premium European wax and has a natural cotton wick.

Fragrance: Capturing the essence of the Mediterranean: the sand, ocean and sky, the Signature Moroccanoil® Scent, adored by many, fills the room with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

    50-hour burn time.
    7 oz.
    By MOROCCANOIL®; made in France.

Miss Style Apothecary says.. I got this in last week and it has been lit just about everyday, I love it.. It smells delicious.. If you have ever had the pleasure of using any of the line then you know the addictive scent.. It is warm and creamy.. It’s got a tiny touch of vanilla mix with the warm rich almost beachy, wood’s like scent.. I find the candle to be a perfect match for the hair and body care.. I use their hair oil and find myself sniffing my hair locks when I use it, the scent carries through my hair and smells yummy.. NOW, my living room smells creamy delicious too.. When I opened the box, the scent isn’t knock me over, it is light but when lit, I found the scent to pour through my living room. It carries and smells great. It is romantic and warm, I think it perfect for this time of the year, the fall is in the air, that dry air that everything smells better in. My homes windows are closed so this has really filled up my home with a warmth that wasn’t there, when I have people over the ALWAYS comment what is that candle.. The wick needed a teenie trim and burns completely even. The container is a nice heavy glass that would be difficult to knock over and my cats have walked by checking it out till they hear the crackle of flames in their tales, they are nutty like that, get a little too close but they leave it alone and just get curious, I could never burn and leave unattended, I might have a smoked cat if I did..

Needless to say, I love the scent, I find the scent to be rich and fill my rooms, the scent lasts too, I don’t have to burn the candle for any real long lengths of time. I will burn for about an hour and extinguish. I find that the scent lingers and it is so pretty.. This is a must and a PERFECT present too.. You have to check this out..


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