Ageless Fantasy by Harvey Prince (World’s First Anti-aging) Perfume


WORLD’S FIRST ANTI-AGING PERFUME $120.00 @ Ageless Fantasy or Harvey Prince

With new Ageless™ fragrance, men perceive

women to be 8 – 12 years younger

Say goodbye to “old lady” rosy fragrances and say hello to a bouquet of youth. Inspired by recent scientific discoveries and clinical trials demonstrating that women can smell younger than their age, Harvey Prince & Co. has created a new fragrance called AGELESS™. The fragrance, proven to help women defy their age by 8 – 12 years, is rapidly becoming a favorite among thousands of women worldwide.

As we age, both men and women produce a body chemical know as “noneal,” which occurs as a result of breakdown of fatty acids in the skin and causes the aging body odor. The essence of AGELESS perfume is to counter this natural aging odor.

The all-natural AGELESS anti-aging fragrance is a proprietary combination of aromatic essences that include pink grapefruit, mango, pineapple, leafy greens, anti-oxidant rich pomegranate, jasmine and musk. Also containing oils of Lily of the Valley and peony, the formula is based on natural bio-chemistry.

cakedoo1 says First off, when I read about this perfume, I knew I had to try it.. A perfume that is anti-aging? Come on, really.. I mean really.. How? Well, I will tell you how, the first spritz was a complete joy. It’s fresh, fruity, crisp and lightly floral. All that in the first 10 seconds. I can’t believe what a transforming scent this it.. Initially, I smell apple and citrus but as it dries down it’s more floral. It’s just a lovely scent to wear no matter if I can turn back the clock or just smell good. Also the scent carries very lightly through the air, there is no plume of my perfume is here before I am… I find that it does work very well with my body’s chemistry and when I take a whiff of my wrist I can really pick up the layers of it’s makeup. sometimes it’s fresh and fruity then others it’s strictly floral. Ageless Fantasy really transforms on my skin. I also want to mention that I really believe that no matter the age that this scent is so delicate and pretty that it’s a cross over for all ages, you really don’t have to be on the anti-aging train to enjoy this scent.. Also this is Perfecto for the summer! Thanks 🙂

Make Up Addict also started using this Ageless Fantasy Pefume last week.  I think I know the secret — It just smells so young, fresh and clean– it makes you feel that way when you apply it.  In addition to being addicted to Make Up — I just love anything citrus.  One of the major scents to this Ageless Fantasy Pefume that hit me right off was the citrus — so I was hooked immediately.  It is a very pleasant citrus — very refreshing.  It does take on the floral scent which is not as strong as some florals can be.  It is definitely one of the nicest, freshest mixes I have used.  I can tell you one thing — it does NOT smell anything like what you associateus with older people.  I do not want to mention any specific brands but there are many that I connect to an older relative or friend.   So I am going to make sure I have plenty of this around when I get to my ‘elder’ years.  It caught peoples’ attention without grabbing it.  People asked what I had on and then commented that it was very nice.  They thought it was very pleasant and delicate.  Personally, I love it for its citrus base and the light florals added to it.  This definitely is a fragrance for any age — and I would actually use this year round.  I don’t think you can be disappointed with Ageless Fantasy Pefume— if you like a very pleasant, refreshing and subtley sexy and sophisticated fragrance.

METSV jumped on the Ageless Fantasy bandwagon too.  You know what I really love about this little gem of a perfume?  It doesn’t smell like anything else out there.  You don’t have someone come up to you and say “oh, is that blankity blank you have on?”   No.  What people say is “that smells really good!  What is it”.  This is where I will lie and not tell them b/c I want it all for myself.   If I’m out with friends I want to be the one who guys perceive to be 8-10 years younger.  No, I’m kidding. I’m married, but if I weren’t…What’s nice about this is that while the notes in the perfume are citrusy and light and fresh which may be hallmark definitions of a “young” fragrance, once on you don’t feel like you are trying to come off as some old person trying to pull off a young fragrance.  To me the fragrance is sophisticated and dare I add….a wee bit sexy…..Even when I do get old, many, many, many years from now,  I doubt I will wear floral perfumes.  I’ve just never really met one that has done it for me.  Citrusy, clean, soft, and crisp types, I love and this one is no exception.  Although I love the name and what it implies, I think this is a perfume for all ages.  It’ll smells unique on each wearer, not like some mass marketed, smells-the-same-on-everyone fragrance.  This dried down to a light citrusy-floral with a hint of grapefruit on me.  Yum.    It’s a keeper and a delight – good for summer AND any other season for that matter.  I  have this in the rollon version and it has not left my bag since.   This should be on your list to buy and try…


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