Review – MitoQ ~Anti-aging Moisturizing Serum

Revolutionary Anti-Aging Skincare

MitoQ® skincare contains a breakthrough ingredient that rejuvenates skin cells restoring collagen and elastin production to youthful levels giving you firmer, brighter, younger looking skin. Your fine lines disappear, blemishes fade and your skin will feel healthier.

MitoQ is a scientific breakthrough in cellular CoQ delivery technology. MitoQ protects the skin from free radical damage induced by the aging process or accelerated by exposure to sunlight. MitoQ accelerates skin rejuvenation creating a radiant outward skin appearance. MitoQ topical anti-aging moisturising serum, moisturizes, lightens and brightens skin.

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METSV says:  If ever there was a skincare item to get excited about, it’s this one.   I have truly seen results with this serum, and I am not kidding.    The first  few times I used the serum (always in the day b/f my regular moisturizer) I immediately noticed how soft and smooth my skin felt and how everything sort of glided on.  Now, several weeks later, I KNOW there has been some further positive changes – my skin has not looked this healthy in quite some time.  There’s a more even appearance to it, a softness to it, the fine lines around my mouth and eyes really look like they have diminished, and I feel I need less and less of any kind of facial foundation.  I’m literally down to a pea size of tinted mineral makeup and that’s all I need.   This, for me, has been a product that has delivered on its claims.   CoQ has often been touted as being the fountain of youth.  I remember I worked with a gentlemen who was a chemist and he was very well versed in supplementation – he himself belied his 72 years – a full, thick head of hair, healthy skin, no jowls, and his “secret” was CoQ – he would always tell me that it was the one supplement he wouldn’t be without.  I never did take it in supplement form, but boy am I glad I can get such great results in topical form.  There is good reason why this powerhouse antioxidant is getting so much positive press and buzz – it produces results – REAL results.   Could very well be my favorite serum in my arsenal.  


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