Review – NATU ~ Volumizing Mist

Natu Volumizing Mist  $18.00   @ Natu Hair Care and Select Whole Foods

For giving fine hair the body you wish you’d been born with.
Most volumizing sprays bulk up and weigh downyour hair with sticky resins and greasy silicones.  Not Natu Volumizing Mist.  It invisibly transforms fine hair into fabulously natural, full-bodied hair.  So why fake volume, when you can make it feel like you — with NATU.  The same natural-born proteins, lipids, vitamins and nutrients you find in healthy hair — you’ll find in NATU.

Make Up Addict says Natu Volumizing Mist delivers as promised!!  I found it to be fragrance-free or with a fragrance so light that I could not detect it.  It is a true mist – very light so it did not have large drops like many sprays do.  It applied very evenly and I blow dried my hair which seemed to burst with volume as it dried.  You could actually see the hair looking thicker as it dried.  My hair does not feel sticky, or like there is something coating it.  It feels very natural – but with some actual volume to it.  Natu Volumizing Mist added the volume and left my hair feeling and looking very natural.  People asked if I styled my hair differently but it was just the appearance of more volume that was tricking their eyes.  I feel the $18.00 cost is more than reasonable for the results I am getting from Natu Volumizing Mist.


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