Review – Organic Mineral O&M ~ Know Knott Conditioning Detangler

O & M Know Knott Condtioning Detangler (Original and Mineral)    $25.95   Information @ O & M
Dread nothing. Get tangle free with this perfect union of nourishing Australian natives. Cold-pressed organic Argan and Macadamia oils combine to recondition the hair leaving it glossy and knot free.

Makeup Addict loves O & M Know Knott Condtioning Detangler as it stays in my hair, rather than rinsed out.  Perhaps part of the reason I love it is due to his scent.  I cannot describe it — except to say it is heavenly.  It contains Macadamia Oil and that, together with the Argan Oil just smell so great and leave my hair in ‘perfect condition’.  Of course it is tangle-free, but it is healthy, shiny, and it seems to have a little added texture.  I admit that at first I was hesitant as other ‘leave in hair conditioners’ simply weigh my hair down.  Well, it did not take long to see and feel that was not going to happen.  Only good things resulted from using O & M Know Knott Condtioning Detangler.  The fragrance was just a great bonus to me.  My hair has benefited from using this Conditioning Detangler. . . and I need to continue using it so that I do not undo any of the good!!


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