Shisedo Eyelash Curler


An eyelash curler curved to fit the eyelids perfectly and equipped with flexible rubber linings which allow you to curl your lashes with ease.  $17.50 @ Nordstroms
If I were trapped on a desert island and was only allowed two beauty tools (because seriously, if you were trapped on a desert island, wouldn’t you be thinking to yourself “THANK GOODNESS I have my much-needed-on-a-desert island beauty tools!”   Hey, given that or talking to a soccer ball, I’d take the beauty tools! But I digress…) If I were trapped and allowed two beauty tools I would choose to take mascara and the Shisedo eyelash curler….only the best eyelash curler in the land.   When I first began my foray into the wonderful world of eyelash curling, I started with a well-known drugstore one that starts with an “M” and used it all through high-school, college and beyond….I thought it was okay, give or take the pinch here and there…but what did I know back then.  Then…well, then I started reading beauty reviews and I kept hearing about this little gem and another eyelash curler that also starts with an “SH” and it was a passionate battle of the curlers as to who had the best.  Well, you don’t think that I’d be foolish enough to try both and see which one I liked better, do you?  Well OF COURSE I was.  I couldn’t help myself – I had to do a side-by-side (or is it eye by eye) test to see which one was better – and kids, let me tell you the SHI wins hands down.  No pinching, pulling, or other nastiness.  It forms to the eye most magically, allowing you to really get a good curl – and not that weird crimpy looking curl – just an eye-opening, lash enhancing curl.  I love my Shi, and can not be without it.  Where is the other eyelash curler that lost the battle you may well be wondering?  It’s sitting in my makeup drawer wondering what it did wrong to deserve such a fate.  Women will be arguing for decades to come as to which curler prevails….for me….it’s Shi…. Yout gotta get it!



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