Review ~ Beyonce – Midnight Heat Eau de Parfum

Heat up the night with this Beyonce perfume. For Beyonce, fragrance is an essential accessory to highlight your inner radiance, confidence and sex appeal. Midnight Heat is the ultimate evening scent, sensual and enticing with just a hint of mystery.

  • Perfume offers indulgent notes of dragonfruit, starfruit, Armenian plum, purple Mokara orchid, Queen of the Night black tulip, purple peony, warm amber, patchouli and sandalwood.
  • Details:
    • 3.4-oz.
    • For women

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METSV says:  In full disclosure, I’m not usually a fan of celebrity fragrances.  I feel like they just phone them in and if you’ve smelled one you’ve smelled all of them.  There may be a different note here or there but usually the scents are pretty generic and don’t offer anything too special.  I have trialed Beyonce’s previous fragrances – i.e. Heat and ended up giving it away.   Midnight Heat at leasts offers a bit of mystery and a different (and very exotic) scent and I am very surprised to find that I like the way it smells on me.     On first spray (and you don’t need much more than one!)  it’s overwhelminingly plummy-raspberry (on me) very sweet and fruity…  and I was all “meh”… but then the dry down happened and here is where the clashing notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and floral made for a pretty scent that lingered throughout the day.  Not cloying, not cheap smelling, really nice actually!   I have received several compliments when I’m wearing this and that’s a double-edged sword for me!  I don’t like my scent to stay in the room when I leave it and I don’t want people to be able to smell what I’m wearing form far away… For Heat, the compliments came from people (like my DH) who were in close proximity of me – so that was all good!  The final drydown was a creamy, soft, sweet-floral with exotic hints of sandalwood and patchouli – very nice.  A refreshing change from the usual celebrity fare – this fragrance is soft, sexy, and sweet.  For me, a more of a cooler weather or night-time fragrance but YMMV.  Well done, Bey.

Official scent notes: plum, star fruit,
Orchid, black tulips, purple peony, warm amber, sandalwood and patchouli.


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