Review – Asheida Skincare ~ Natural Facial Mask

All Natural, All in One Collagen Facial Mask Clinically Proven to Work
Natural Facial Mask: A Collagen Facial Mask for Moisturizing, Anti Aging & Skin Renewal that is All Natural and proven effective.
Clinical Results on Deep Wrinkles

    Decrease Wrinkles: 67% improvement in skin coverage
    Reduce Wrinkles: 24% reduction in a depth
    Smooth Skin: 15% improvement in smoother skin

Miss Style Apothecary… I just finished up using my 4th mask as you can SEE.. I used once a week and LOVE the results.. I use in the evening by choice, I started out with freshly cleansed skin and pretty much would use a facial scrub or peel before using – why?? Well, I figured my skin is going to be inflamed and these masks are so SOOTHING, I call it perfect timing.. So they are super easy to use.. I pop one out of the packette and gently open up and apply to my face, I just have to adjust so I can see… It is really simple and even though it’s saturated with all kinds of goodness, it doesn’t really slip once it is in place, If I chill after I apply then very minimal adjustments – if I am up and around then it tends to move more… My advice, apply and relax, grab a magazine, your laptop or turn on the TV…

The directions say to leave on for an hour.. What I found is that an hour is a long time and my masks get dry.. I find that when it dries down that it doesn’t sit well on my face, it needs to be moistened to I got a spray bottle of water and just mist and it is back and comfy.. My skin feels AMAZING after using.. My initial thoughts are that it looks like I had a facial, my skin looks plump, feels uber soft and it is glowing.. I love these, they are seriously spa treatments at home.. I think you NEED to have these in your arsenal, what I really love is you can grab one and use before an event – wedding, night out on the town or date, you name it.. My skin feels invigorated and I LOVE the results, my skin is brightened and for a few days so I would opt to apply a night or day before the event..

I noticed the biggest difference after applying my skin, everything looks so much better, these are true gems.. Overall my skin’s condition is so much better.. I am completely hydrated, no flaking, not oily and brightened.. It looks great and I am telling you the day after I am always asked, you look good today, I will take it.. The price is so affordable and come on, if you are planning a girls night in or have a metro man in your life these are perfect for movie night..

So after 4 uses, my skin does look much better.. My hydration level has dramatically improved and it visually looks better.. I am taking my skin has plumped up so the teeny fine lines look plump and are less noticeable.. I didn’t have any adverse reactions and just feel like these were the little something extra my skin needed, they totally nourish my face… Seriously, you are going to LOVE these!!


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