Review ~ Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford ~ Deep Cleansing Masque

Meaningful Beauty Deep Cleansing Masque   $24.99    @ Amazon

A “facial in a bottle” that delivers results in 20 minutes. It is a masque with an infusion of antioxidants and marine extracts to purify, deep clean, brighten, lift dead skin cells, and improve elasticity and firmness.

Makeup Addict finds Meaningful Beauty’s Deep Cleansing Masque to be very effective.  It is a white cream that is in  tube as shown above.  It applies to my skin very smoothly and easily.  I clean my face first and then apply Meaningful Beauty’s Deep Cleansing Masque very lightly to my face.  I leave it on while I go about other things I need to do  After maybe 20 minutes I rinse it off and it comes off very nicely – leaving my skin, clean, fresh and very smooth.  I did feel my skin and it was smoother to the touch.  It was after continued use that I saw some serious changes.  My skin actually toned up as though it had been exercising. . . it is nice and firm.  I am noticing that there is actually much more elasticity or give to my skin – which was definitely missing before I started with the Meaningful Beauty’s Deep Cleansing Masque.  After a little over a month’s use I am quite happy with the results.  My skin has done a turn around and looks so much more healthy and it is a more youthful appearance — hurray!!  Let me say that I am definitely continuing on with Meaningful Beauty’s Deep Cleansing Masque and, even further, I am going to pick up more products from the Meaningful Beauty Line!!!


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